March 30


Sparrow Spooker on Amazon

Sparrow Spookers on Amazon are now available!  Yes, that is right, “THE Amazon.”   Who would have ever thought that a Sparrow Spooker on Amazon would become available to Mother Nature’s most enticing blue beauty bird?  This behemoth of a company that has its origin as an online book seller, now offers the highly recommend nest box accessory that protects our Bluebirds.  This premier worldwide company that offers so many life enhancing items, which can be at your door step in what often feels like an instant, is now helping our Bluebirds.  Exciting!  Just down right exciting that Sparrow Spookers are on Amazon! The Bluebird’s nemesis, that harmful predator House Sparrow (the HOSP), the number one threat to Bluebirds, now has Amazon on its side, fighting for the Bluebird to survive and thrive. 

What is This Sparrow Spooker on Amazon?

“But hey BlueBlogger,” you might be thinking, as you scratch your head and continue to ask, “What is this Sparrow Spooker thingamajig anyways?”  “Did I miss something?”  “How can I get informed on this Sparrow Spooker on Amazon offer?”  Aaaahhhh, a very fair question, indeed. And it’s simple to get that answer by referring to the information we at have embedded right here on this very site. You don’t need to go anywhere else on the internet.  Stay right here for some good ol’ information presented in a light hearted, but serious and informative way.  For starters, might we suggest re-familiarizing oneself with the following informative write up on the “Sparrow Spooker – the Best Bluebird House Predator Guard.” And, we might suggest re-reading the blog on “Keeping House Sparrows out of the Bluebird House.”  These particular blogs get right to the heart of the problem facing Bluebirds and how to take one of the first and most important steps to helping Bluebirds.  In fact, these blogs can be found at the top of the HOME PAGE.  Take a click in the main navigation menu “BLOGS,” and you’ll find that everything on this site has the sole purpose of protecting Bluebirds from predators, especially keeping them safe from the HOSP.  Once you read a blog or two, you will be highly motivated to get yourself one of these Sparrow Spookers on Amazon.

Sparrow Spookers Meet Amazon

Bluebirds, please meet Amazon.  Amazon, please meet Bluebirds. would encourage you to take a click here and browse on over to the Sparrow Spooker on Amazon site to get a quick look at this device’s features and benefits.  The Sparrow Spooker on Amazon has the number one intention to defend the nest!  That’s it.  That’s what it does, period!  It protects the Bluebird house, the nest, the eggs, the hatchlings until the little Blue beauties are able to leave the nest and exist outside on their own.  The Sparrow Spookers on Amazon are a set of sturdy wood posts assembled with steel hardware combined with the magical deterrent reflective shiny streamers that scare House Sparrows away, while not disturbing the Bluebird’s use of the nest box.  The Sparrow Spooker on Amazon comes in a set of (3) arms that easily attach to most common Bluebird houses, with the screw provided.  Use (2) or (3) of the arms on the Bluebird house and adjust as needed.  The Sparrow Spooker on Amazon can be used for multiple broods during the seasons.  It is made of weather resistant materials and folds and wraps easily for storage during the off season.

Go Take a Look at Sparrow Spookers on Amazon 

If you haven’t yet, go VIEW on AMAZON and then come on back.  Are you back?  Interesting, huh?  We think so too.  Now, all it takes is for Bluebird advocates like you and me to be the intermediary between them and Amazon to get the job done.  After all, Bluebirds can’t shop on Amazon, they need our help.  It’s just a click away to VIEW on AMAZON .  And, the Bluebirds will thank you. Sparrow Spookers on Amazon, it’s a great match up and it’s definitely going to be a winning one for our Bluebirds. Let’s defend the nest and let’s help the Bluebirds survive and thrive.

Happy Blue-birding from all of us at

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